Reproductive Justice and Women’s Rights Organizations Endorse Congressman David Cicilline for US Congressional District 1

PROVIDENCE Organizations fighting for reproductive justice and women’s rights have endorsed U.S. Representative David Cicilline for re-election in Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District. Four organizations endorsed: the National Organization for Women (NOW), Planned Parenthood Action, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and the Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus.

“I’m proud to have these endorsements,” said Congressman Cicilline, “because the people behind them understand that reproductive rights are under threat like no other time in our nation’s history. The Republican Party is willing to go to extremes to prevent women from accessing safe abortion and life-saving healthcare. They are determined to undo the last 50 years of progress. I’m proud to join NOW, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and RIDWC in fighting back against Republican overreach.”

“The stakes for reproductive freedom have never been higher. Abortion rights are on the ballot this November and we need champions for reproductive health and rights in public office who are unapologetic in their support for abortion access to defend our freedoms. In Congress, David Cicilline has been an unwavering champion who knows that healthcare is a human right. His leadership and strong advocacy for reproductive rights, gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights and work to protect our democracy are just some of the many reasons we need to re-elect him. In Rhode Island, we are proud to stand with him as a Planned Parenthood Action Fund endorsed reproductive rights champion.” said Amanda Skinner, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Votes! Rhode Island.

“The RI Democratic Women’s Caucus enthusiastically endorses Congressman Cicilline for re-election. He is a staunch advocate for gender equality and we can count on him to protect and expand abortion rights, increase economic opportunities for women, and keep our families safe. Congressman Cicilline fearlessly stands up to the extreme right-wing agenda to roll back our hard-earned rights, while continuing to push legislation to achieve a more equitable society,” said Candace Brown Casey, Chair of the RI Democratic Women’s Caucus.

Throughout his time in Congress, Cicilline has been a fierce advocate for women’s rights, promoting policies that improve health, access to care, and economic opportunities. David was a cosponsor of the Women’s Health Protection Act, legislation to codify a woman’s right to choose, which the House passed last year and again in July in response to the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs. He also championed the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would help put an end to economic injustice and close the wage gap where women earn on average 80 cents for every dollar a man does. And, Congressman Cicilline is a staunch supporter of paid leave, understanding that caregiving responsibilities often fall disproportionately on women. He is a cosponsor of the Family and Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act – legislation that would help ensure women, and families, don’t have to sacrifice a paycheck to care for the ones they love. 

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