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  • 24 min 54 sec ago Welcome to Rhode Island, President Jose Manuel Cabral Dias Bolieiro and VP Artur Lima of the Regional Government of… https://t.co/Aovmb18zWh
  • 1 day 22 hours ago Voting against the Continuing Resolution means voting to shut down the government. It means vets losing access to… https://t.co/eiOWalKocp
  • 2 days 36 min ago The will: 💰save the avg family $500 in utility bills 🛠 create 300k good paying jobs in the Civi… https://t.co/Cns2qQIXXF
  • 2 days 1 hour ago I also asked Mayor Matúš Vallo about the impact social media is having on democracy and the marginali… https://t.co/5o2Jgpn0D6
  • 2 days 1 hour ago At today's Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Energy, the Environment and Cyber hearing, I spoke with Wa… https://t.co/8tYQJvPw6e
  • 2 days 1 hour ago As the former Mayor of Providence, I'm not surprised that it's going to be mayors that save democracy. https://t.co/aAt2Rt8Pt8