Jobs and Economic Growth

From day one in Congress, David’s energy and focus have centered on getting Rhode Islander’s back to work, ensuring good paying jobs return and stay in the Ocean State, and working hard each and every day to create, expand, and sustain opportunities for all Rhode Islanders to reach the middle class. 

While we have seen economic conditions improve, David knows there is so much more Congress can do to grow and support jobs here at home. David continues to be a tireless champion of American manufacturing, fighting to ensure the local companies, men, and women in this vital industry have the tools they need to succeed, and are on an even playing field with foreign competitors. In 2015, David wrote the Brickle Amendment, which was later signed into law, and provides greater transparency to government defense procurement; making it easier for American manufacturers to compete for overseas contracts.  As an active member of the House Manufacturing Caucus, David is reaching across the aisle, championing bipartisan efforts to boost American manufacturing. This year, David authored the Make it in America Manufacturing Communities Act, legislation introduced with bi-partisan support in the House and Senate. The proposal would help states like Rhode Island be better positioned to leverage federal funding to support the advanced manufacturing sector, helping create good paying jobs right here at home.

At the same time, David is fighting to make sure American companies are able to operate on an even playing field. His 21st Century Buy American Act would close loopholes that allow federal agencies to sidestep their obligation to prioritize American companies when purchasing goods or services, and enhances resources for American companies to manufacture products that are in short supply domestically.  David also introduced a bill to end taxpayer subsidies that incentivize companies to send jobs overseas, and would put policies in place to encourage firms to bring jobs back home to America. And, when efforts were made to derail the Export-Import Bank, which has brought millions of dollars to Rhode Island companies to help them access foreign markets, David joined his colleagues to successfully defend this vital job-creating institution. In Congress, David will maintain his steadfast focus on making sure Rhode Island manufacturers have every possible advantage in the global economy.

Support for local manufacturers is just one of the ways David is working to strengthen the middle class and improve our local economy.  In Rhode Island, small businesses employ more than half the state’s private workforce. In 2015, David and Republican Small Business Committee Chairman Steve Chabot introduced the Small Business Investment Company Capital Act, legislation approved by the House of Representatives that would expand access to capital for small business owners, helping to create and sustain good paying jobs. David also knows that Rhode Island businesses, large and small, need reliable infrastructure – roads, bridges, ports, and systems that allow goods, services, and ideas to move through our economy. Critically important investments in our infrastructure not only help strengthen the broader economy; they also create and support good paying jobs for Rhode Island workers. That’s why David was a vocal advocate for passage of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, which delivers an average of more than $230 million annually to Rhode Island for road and bridge repair, and another $39 million for mass transit programs in the state.

Underlying all of these efforts to create and sustain good paying jobs is David’s work to grow the middle class and expand economic opportunity for Rhode Island families.  He is a strong supporter of the Fair Minimum Wage Act, legislation that will increase the federal minimum wage to $10.10 over the next three years, provide a higher minimum wage for tipped workers, and remove politics from future increases by tying the minimum wage growth to inflation. David is also fighting to make certain our tax policies do not disadvantage middle class workers and their families – introducing legislation to require that the wealthiest among us pay at least at least the same effective tax rate as middle class families, and supporting a measure to enhance the child tax credit. And, David continues to stand up for Rhode Island workers, speaking out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, a trade policy that, like others before it, fails to promote better wages and protections for hardworking families here at home and threatens to send more local jobs overseas.



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