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DNC Twitter

  • 28 min 58 sec ago Who will remind him he went to court LAST NIGHT to take away health care from millions of working people? https://t.co/G9ZJfBPH9i
  • 35 min 4 sec ago Does this mean he’s seen it? Because Congress has not seen it. https://t.co/TRvCWY6SL2
  • 2 hours 4 min ago . and his Republican defenders are fighting for the powerful special interests. Democrats are !
  • 2 hours 11 min ago Turns out, this was yet another lie. https://t.co/IDyLoKelp3
  • 2 hours 16 min ago Elections have consequences. is using the executive branch to take away access to health care for millions of people.
  • 2 hours 25 min ago Today, my colleagues and I are introducing a new bill to protect people with pre-existing conditions and bring down… https://t.co/DmtvSLRpRV