Espaillat, Cicilline Introduce Resolution Urging Russian President Putin and Government be Tried for War Crimes

Espaillat, Cicilline Introduce Resolution Urging Russian President Putin and Government be Tried for War Crimes

Resolution Condemns the Russian Government’s Gross Violations of International Law Amounting to War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in Ukraine


Mon, 03/06/2023 – 09:13

WASHINGTON, DC – This week, Representatives Adriano Espaillat (NY-13) and David Cicilline (RI-01) introduced a resolution calling for Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian government to be held accountable by the international community for their ongoing violations of international law committed during the illegal and barbaric invasion of Ukraine. The resolution also condemns the Russian government’s gross violations of international law amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine, stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, and expresses support for the efforts of international organizations to help people displaced by war and conflict.

“Putin’s unlawful and barbaric invasion of Ukraine makes clear his desire to return to a bygone Cold-War era of conquest and violence, and the world must continue to meet this moment with strength and action.” said Congressman Espaillat. “Putin’s barbarous assaults on residential buildings, schools, synagogues, and churches across Ukraine, and his ruthless targeting of innocent Ukrainians throughout this conflict, makes clear he is a man without remorse, a moral compass, or respect for international law. The United States must lead in calling for accountability for Putin’s monstrous actions, and by uniting the international community in our opposition to tyranny and unrelenting commitment to freedom.”

“Last year, I saw firsthand the pain and suffering that Putin and his government are causing with this illegal war,” said Congressman Cicilline, who traveled to the Poland-Ukraine border in March 2022. “Conditions have only worsened as Putin continues his delusional quest to reconstitute the USSR. He, and the forces under his control, are targeting civilians, hurting millions, and killing children. As we continue to support Ukrainians fighting back against this war criminal and work to stop this suffering, we must hold Putin to account for his crimes – and make clear that the global community will not tolerate this flagrant violation of international law.” 

Specifically, the Espaillat-Cicilline resolution:

  • Condemns the continued use of unlawful and indiscriminate violence against civilian populations by the Russian government, its allies, and any other parties to the conflict;
  • Urges the global community to hold Vladimir Putin and the Russian government accountable for war crimes committed during the military invasion of Ukraine;
  • Urges the United States and its allies to continue providing defense security assistance and humanitarian aid to Ukraine as Ukrainians valiantly defend their freedom against Russia’s military invasion;
  • Supports the continued use of sanctions against Russia and its allies until Russia is held accountable for its crimes and unequivocally recognizes Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders and political independence;
  • Urges the United States to maintain support for international organizations, such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, helping Ukrainians fleeing conflict as well as the over 100,000,000 people around the world who are forcibly displaced due to persecution, conflict, violence, and human rights violations; 
  • Urges the United States to treat all forcibly displaced people with dignity and abide by the Protocol Related to the Status of Refugees, ratified by the Senate in 1968, and thereafter considered law;
  • Urges the United States and members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to meet NATO’s funding needs to ensure the ability to provide collective defense and innovation;
  • Urges NATO to maintain its commitment to innovating and to work towards solving and dealing with emerging and disruptive technologies; and
  • Stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine who are fighting for their freedom and democracy. 



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March 6, 2023
March 9, 2023