Delivering for Rhode Island

Cicilline is Working Hard for Us

David Cicilline is working hard for us, helping thousands of Rhode Islanders cut through government red tape and gain access to Social Security, Health, Medicare and Veterans benefits owed to them. He’s worked to bring back hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding to Rhode Island, helping communities hire firefighters, provide resources to police officers, combat the opioid crisis, and complete bridge and highway projects that provide good paying jobs and improve our quality of life.

Fighting for Rhode Island

As a leader in Congress, David is fighting hard every day for what matters most to Rhode Islanders –

  • Defending affordable health care, and leading efforts to cut the cost of prescription drugs and drive down health insurance premiums.
  • Improving access to affordable, high-quality child care and early learning.
  • Lowering everyday costs, like cable bills, credit card fees, and food and beverage products, by modernizing laws to reduce corporate greed and promote competition.
  • Standing strong against attempts to slash Social Security and Medicare, while protecting the pensions Rhode Islanders rely on to live their retirement in dignity.
  • Ending the corrupting influence of money in politics and refusing to accept campaign contributions from corporations.
  • Fixing our broken immigration system that harms our economy and our standing in the world.
  • Protecting consumers and small businesses by fighting to restore net neutrality.

Making Washington Work for All of Us

Like all Rhode Islanders, David Cicilline believes Washington should work for all of us, not just the powerful and well-connected. As your representative, David will continue to lead efforts to raise family incomes by making child care affordable, putting a college degree and certificate programs within financial reach, and driving down the cost of health insurance. He’ll keep fighting to support millions of jobs rebuilding our roads, highways, and schools; providing paid on-the-job training so more Rhode Islanders can access jobs in demand; and pursuing tax policies that prioritize permanent tax relief for working families, small business growth, and an end to benefits that encourage corporations to ship jobs overseas. 

Delivering for Rhode Island

As your Congressman, David has:

  • Drafted legislation signed into law, that will provide critical resources to American manufacturers helping them invest in job training, equipment, and research.
  • Wrote legislation, which became law, to protect U.S. manufacturers from unexpected terminations of government contracts and level the playing field with foreign competitors.
  • Passed bipartisan legislation to improve small business access to capital.
  • Led the successful effort to defeat a proposed change to the Social Security cost-of-living formula, which would have cut benefits for millions of seniors.
  • Fought for legislation that would allow the government to negotiate lower drug prices for Seniors on Medicare.
  • Introduced legislation that prevents pharmaceutical companies from delaying the availability of more affordable generic drugs.
  • Advocated for commonsense laws to curb gun violence, and wrote legislation, that passed the House, to alert local police departments when a gun is purchased by a person who should be prohibited from owning a firearm.
  • Successfully fought for increased funding to support the Veterans Crisis Line.

For more about the work David has accomplished and is focusing on in Congress, please visit the Issue Pages HERE on his website.




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