Cicilline Urges All Colleagues to Support Assault Weapons Ban

 WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman David N. Cicilline (RI-01), sponsor of H.R. 1808, Assault Weapons Ban of 2021, today spoke on the House floor to urge all his colleagues to support reinstating the Assault Weapons Ban. The Congressman used an apple to demonstrate the devastating effects of just one bullet fired by an AR-15 style rifle on the human body.

A transcript of the Congressman’s remarks is below.

Mr. Speaker,
I rise today to urge my colleagues to support reinstating the Assault Weapons Ban.

The AR-15 has become the weapon of choice for shooters looking to kill as many people as possible in as little time as possible. 

Researchers estimate that if we still had a federal Assault Weapon Ban, we’d see 70 percent fewer mass shooting deaths. The number of mass shootings has skyrocketed since the original assault weapons ban expired in 2004.
These weapons have been used in the deadliest shootings in our history, from Sandy Hook to Parkland to Uvalde.

They’re weapons of war that have no place in our community.

This is the amount of damage done which is done by one bullet fired from an AR-15 when it enters the human body.
That’s the bullet. [pointing to top of an apple]
That’s the size of the damage. [holding the apple]

The bodies of kids in Uvalde were riddled so badly with wounds that their parents had to use DNA tests to identify their own children.

One family identified their child by their shoes, their shoes!

These weapons don’t just kill – they slaughter. They decimate. They are designed for death and maximum destruction.

They have no place in our schools, in our streets, or anywhere in our communities.

We know that the original assault weapons ban worked, and we have to reinstate it before more innocent lives are lost.



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