Cicilline Statement on Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal

PAWTUCKET - U.S. Representative David N. Cicilline (RI-01) issued the following statement after president Bident announce the full withdrawl of American troops by August 31, 2021:

"The images we have seen over the last few days in Afghanistan have been heartbreaking and horrifying. After 20 years of U.S. involvement there, the Taliban has once again taken control of the country. As we adjust to this new reality, we must remember that what happened in Afghanistan in no way diminishes the service and sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform who served there over the past two decades. However, it does underscore how important it is that we make the right calculation before committing our troops and resources overseas."

"As President Biden said Monday afternoon, there was never going to be a good time to leave Afghanistan. The U.S. couldn’t stay there forever and eventually this day was going to come. President Biden is absolutely right that our national security interests are not advanced by continuing an endless war in Afghanistan."

"Now we must ensure the safe and quick evacuation of U.S. citizens, allies, and Afghans who helped our troops over the past 20 years. While there is still plenty of work to do, I’m encouraged that the evacuations have increased over the last 24 hours."


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