Cicilline Brings Cumberland Based Manufacturer to Joint Session of Congress

Cicilline Brings Cumberland Based Manufacturer to Joint Session of Congress

Cicilline Brings Cumberland Based Manufacturer to Joint Session of Congress

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Wed, 09/07/2011 - 23:02

WASHINGTON, DC – Cheryl Merchant, President and CEO of Hope Global, a Cumberland-based textile manufacturing company will attend the special Joint Session of the U.S. Congress at the invitation of U.S. Representative David Cicilline (D-RI) to hear President Obama’s speech on jobs on Thursday, September 8, 2011.

“I am happy to share the historic occasion of President Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress with Cheryl Merchant,” said Congressman Cicilline. “Hope Global demonstrates how we can create jobs, grow our economy for the future and ensure our ability to compete in the world by strengthening manufacturing and making things in America. Cheryl is working to continue manufacturing essential industrial products in this country and provide jobs to Rhode Islanders.”

“As the President / CEO of Hope Global, a 128 year old textile manufacturing company headquartered in Cumberland Rhode Island, the Congressman’s mantra of ‘Make It In America’ is near and dear to my heart.  In an industry that has been losing jobs overseas for a long time and especially after the last three years of struggle, Hope is proud to once again be hiring all levels of employees and growing stronger, said Cheryl Merchant. “The rumors of US manufacturing being dead are obviously incorrect, and support such as that from our Congressman can only make America stronger.”

Hope Global was recently awarded the Red Wing contract for all of their Asian shoelace business which will be manufactured by our Rhode Island Operation. With weekly shipments of many products to Brazil, Japan, China and Korea, Hope Global is forcefully demonstrating that U.S. manufacturing companies can be successful in exporting around the world. 

Founded in 1883, Hope Global now services the following markets/industries: apparel, aerospace, automotive interior, auto restoration, construction, electrical, heavy vehicle, marine, medical, military apparel, military equipment, office furniture, parachute, shooting ranges, sporting goods, trunk/door seal extruders, windows and doors.


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