Cicilline, Advocates Mark Gun Violence Awareness Day

PROVIDENCE, RI – Congressman David N. Cicilline (RI-01), senior member of the House Judiciary Committee, joined today with gun safety advocates to mark National Gun Violence Awareness Day and discuss what Congress can and must do to address the national epidemic of gun violence. Congressman Cicilline is the sponsor of multiple gun safety bills, including H.R.3088 - Untraceable Firearms Act of 2021, which is included in the Protecting Our Kids Act, and H.R.1808 - Assault Weapons Ban of 2021.

“This gun violence epidemic is uniquely American. It is no coincidence that we have the most guns per capita and the most gun deaths per capita as we continue to fail to pass commonsense solutions,” said Congressman Cicilline. “This failure to act is literally killing people. There is no excuse for allowing the continued slaughter of our children, our neighbors, of 111 people who are shot and killed each and every day in America. I promise that I will not stop fighting until we finally get reforms passed into law.”

"Now is the time that we take deaths and threats seriously. Pass the legislation we need to make our communities, schools, theaters and public spaces safe. We need tougher gun laws and it's on us. We need action now! It's not will someone in Rhode Island commit a mass shooting, it's when? And we can't wait for this to happen to react," said Gemelya Barros, gun violence survivor.

"We are excited about H.R.7910, The Protecting Our Kids Act, which is a fundamental step towards protecting our communities. Gun violence needs to stop. This Act will provide the missing accountability needed to keep our citizens safe,” said Cedric Huntley, Executive Director, Nonviolence Institute.

“As a healthcare provider, wife of a teacher, and most importantly a MOM; I am acutely aware that the fight to end gun violence has never been more urgent,” said Pam Lauria, Moms Demand Action. “On this National Gun Violence Awareness Day, I am proud to ‘Wear Orange’ and stand beside Congressman David Cicilline while he fights for the life-saving federal legislation Protecting Our Kids Act. Gun violence is preventable, but we need action now!”

"RI Coalition Against Gun Violence applauds Congressman Cicilline for his sponsorship of gun violence prevention bills. Just this week, Pawtucket High School students reported that they are FRUSTRATED, TIRED, ANGRY and in PAIN. They are not alone in feeling like this. Is this the life that we want our children, our future leaders, to live? I ask our political leaders: are you content with our children growing up this way? WE ARE NOT. We are tired of the continuing carnage. The horrifying massacres. The community violence and accompanying PTSD. The suicides. The unintentional shootings. The traumatic injuries. The gun threats,” said Sydney Montstream-Quas, Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence (RICAGV).

“As Chief of the Capital City, I fully support the Protecting Our Kids Act. These prudent measures to attempt to crack down on high-capacity magazines and ghost guns along with raising the purchase age of an assault weapon from 18 to 21, address immediate concerns for the safety in our community,” said Colonel Hugh T. Clements, Chief of Police, Providence Police Department. “It will continue to be the unwavering commitment of the Providence Police Department to work hand in hand with the community to prevent violence throughout this city. Senseless gun violence shatters families and neighborhoods.”

The House Judiciary Committee approved the Protecting Our Kids Act by a vote of 25-19 on June 2, 2022. The House is expected to vote on this measure next week. Included in the package is Congressman Cicilline’s H.R. 3088, the Untraceable Firearms Act of 2021, which cracks down on the proliferation of ghost guns through gun kits. Ghost guns have been an increasing problem in recent years. These untraceable weapons make it even more difficult for law enforcement to identify and prosecute violent criminals. Congressman Cicilline first introduced the Untraceable Firearms Act in 2018 to ban unlicensed, private individuals from owning the machines whose primary purpose is to produce these firearms, allowing someone to more easily and quickly create a functioning gun from a gun kit at home.
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