Stop The Repeal Attempts

The Supreme Court recently ruled that the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. But tomorrow, House Republicans will vote yet again to repeal health care reform. Speaker Boehner has said that health care reform needs to be "ripped out by its roots" and Mitt Romney has vowed to overturn it "day one" if he is elected. David's Republican opponent is marching in lock step with party leadership, saying that health care reform needs to be repealed and that he would vote to do so.

Repealing health care would mean that insurance companies can continue to deny coverage based on preexisting conditions, that millions of seniors will the see costs of their prescription drugs go up, that many women will still be charged more than men for the same coverage, that young people under the age of 26 will no longer be able to get insurance under their parents' plans and that insurance companies keep imposing lifetime coverage caps on people with chronic conditions.

There is still much work to be done to improve our country's health care system. But this radical attempt to undo any progress would be devastating for thousands of Rhode Islanders and millions of Americans.

Add your name to the growing list of Americans against repeal now and tell Republicans in Washington and David's Republican opponent here in RI that we can't afford to turn back the clock to the days when insurance companies called the shots.

I am a Senior Against Repeal

Under health care reform, thousands of Rhode Island seniors have saved an average of $550 a year on prescription drugs. Rhode Island seniors have saved more than $13 million on their prescription drugs since health care reform was enacted. Over 65,000 First District seniors have been able to access potentially live-saving preventative health care screenings.

I am a Parent Against Repeal

Thousands of Rhode Island children with preexisting conditions can no longer be denied coverage from health insurance companies. 46,000 Rhode Island children now have access to preventative care. Adult children 26 and under are able to stay on their parents' heath insurance plans.

I am a Small Business Owner Against Repeal

An estimated 450 small businesses in Rhode Island's First District were able to get tax credits to help make the cost of providing health care to their employees more affordable.

I am a Woman Against Repeal

Health insurance companies will no longer be allowed to charge women more for comparable plans just on the basis of gender. Being a woman is NOT a preexisting condition.

I am a Student Against Repeal

In the toughest job market in generations, over 7,500 Rhode Islanders under the age of 26 are able to get health insurance through their parent's plans.

For the reasons listed above, I stand strongly against repeal.

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