Cicilline Statement on Trump Infrastructure Plan

Monday, February 12, 2018

“If it became law, President Trump’s infrastructure plan would completely fail to rebuild our crumbling bridges, roads, and schools. What it would do is impose Trump tolls on working people, increase the strain on state and local governments, and sell out our critical infrastructure to powerful corporations.”


“Democrats have A Better Deal to Rebuild America. We are committed to making an investment of $1 trillion – five times more than President Trump’s plan – to create 16 million new, good-paying jobs rebuilding our country. Unlike the President’s plan, our plan will strengthen Buy American requirements, secure the Highway Trust Fund, and invest in rebuilding K-12 schools.”


“Our infrastructure was once the envy of the world. Under the President’s plan, we’ll continue to lag behind. Democrats are committed to our infrastructure second-to-none. It’s my hope that the Republicans who control Congress will come to the table and work with us on making these critical investments.”


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