Cicilline Statement on Senate Health Care Vote

Friday, July 28, 2017

WASHINGTON – U.S. Congressman David N. Cicilline (D-RI) issued the following statement today:

“What Republicans in the Senate tried to do last night was a disgrace. They attempted to take away health care from 16 million Americans just hours after releasing their bill to do so. This is not how government should work for the people it serves.”

“Over the last six months, Republicans have been willing to do whatever Donald Trump asks them to do. This needs to stop. The American people deserve a better deal than the one Republicans have given them so far.”

“Our constituents deserve a government that delivers results for them. Democrats have always been willing to work across the aisle in order to strengthen the Affordable Care Act. It's time for Republicans to work with us in a bipartisan way to reduce health care costs, improve competition, and protect access to care for millions of Americans.”

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