Cicilline Statement on Anti-Semitic Threats, Violence

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

WASHINGTON – U.S. Congressman David N. Cicilline (D-RI) today issued the statement below condemning a bomb threat made against the Jewish Community Center on Elmgrove Avenue, as well as similar threats that were made against at least 16 Jewish community centers and day school around the country. These threats come just days after vandals targeted Jewish cemeteries in Philadelphia and St. Louis.

“The people who carried out these actions have one purpose – to silence and intimidate members of our community. They will not succeed. Rhode Islanders and people all across our country are already coming together to oppose these acts of hatred. We will continue to stand up to those who seek to divide us.”

“Last year, as a candidate, President Trump refused to denounce David Duke. He retweeted praise from white nationalists. And he used anti-Semitic imagery to attack his opponent. There is little question that his victory has emboldened and encouraged anti-Semitism. This has to end.”

“The President needs to denounce these crimes in the strongest terms. He needs to devote the full resources of law enforcement to bring those responsible to justice. And we, as a community, must continue to condemn such acts of hatred.”

“Finally, I want to thank the members of the Providence Police Department who responded to this threat in a quick and professional manner. All of us are grateful for their service to our community.”

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